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Support our cause and help bring about positive change in our community


Our programs and initiatives are the heart of building a community because they provide essential services and support to disadvantaged individuals and families, helping them to meet their basic needs and achieve their goals. These programs are often the lifeline for people in need and play a critical role in creating a more inclusive, supportive, and equitable community for all.

Resume & Interview Readiness

Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers

This initiative provides individuals with the tools they need to create an effective resume and prepare for an interview. It covers topics like resume writing, interview techniques, body language, and communication skills.


Millersville-Keystone Community

Mumineen CDC is actively seeking opportunities and community partners to help support the homeless population in Indianapolis, Indiana and specially the Millersville-Keystone area.

Reentry Support

Masjid Al Mumineen

Masjid Mumineen host a weekly support group for men called Siraltal Mustaqeem (The Straight Path). We are seeking education, mental health, and housing resources to help attendees.


Supporting community development initiatives is important because they aim to create positive change and improve the lives of disadvantaged individuals and families in a community. By supporting these initiatives, we can help create a more inclusive and equitable society for all.

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