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Mumineen CDC Receives $75,000 from CICF's Elevation Grant Program for Justice-involved Entrepreneurs

"Empowering justice-involved, formerly incarcerated Black males with entrepreneurship and business education is the key to unlocking a future of justice, equality, and opportunity. By igniting the flames of hope and dreams within these individuals, we not only reduce recidivism but also illuminate the path towards economic empowerment and social justice, proving that every second chance can become a lasting success story." - Raymond "Muti'a" Powell, Interim Executive Director, Mumineen CDC

Indianapolis, IN – Mumineen Community Development Corporation (Mumineen CDC), Central Indiana's first Muslim-led, BIPOC-managed community development organization, has been awarded a grant of $75,000 by the Central Indiana Community Foundations' (CICF) Elevation Grant Program. This program is a collaborative initiative between The Indianapolis Foundation, Mayor Joe Hogsett, and the City-County Council aimed at reducing crime and fostering opportunities within the community.

The Elevation Grant Program, echoing the ethos of the Gun Violence Reduction Strategy from Oakland, CA, has been enthusiastically embraced by the City-County Council and the City of Indianapolis. With the primary goal of curbing gun violence and supporting those at the highest risk, the grant ensures that all beneficiaries prioritize servicing clients who are intertwined with the City of Indianapolis’ Gun Violence Reduction Strategy and the Fellowship program.

With the infusion of these funds, Mumineen CDC is set to launch "Hustle & Build", a groundbreaking entrepreneurship training program tailored for justice-involved African-American men between the ages of 18-45. The program curriculum, crafted meticulously by university professors and veteran business consultants, will cover essential business elements ranging from the creation of sustainable business models, understanding financial statements, and formulating unique selling propositions to mastering the art of marketing, basic corporate governance, leadership techniques, and financial management. Furthermore, a select group of participants will be offered the opportunity for advanced business training and preparation for Venture Capital seed funding.

Source: YouTube - Launching and supporting Black-owned businesses | Mandy Bowman | TEDxDover

This isn’t the first nod of approval for Mumineen CDC's "Hustle & Build" program. Earlier this year, the REFORM Alliance, an advocacy organization co-founded by entertainment titans Jay-Z and Meek Mills, provided a $12,500 grant to lay the foundational framework for this transformative program.

"This program will create access to opportunities, keep families together, and build a strong and safe community. Members of the  Indiana Secure Communities Coalition and REFORM Alliance cannot wait to see the success of these future business owners and the contribution to their community!" - Maranda Williams, Indiana State Organizier, REFORM Alliance

The grant, sourced from the Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund, is a testament to the faith and support shown in Mumineen CDC’s mission of addressing the root causes of violent crime in Indianapolis. By empowering the youth, fortifying community relationships, and implementing strategic interventions, the organization seeks to alleviate interactions with the justice system and bolster the safety and prosperity of Indianapolis' residents and neighborhoods.

A pivotal facet of the "Hustle & Build" program encompasses demystifying the realms of venture capital and angel investment for its participants. Mumineen CDC fervently believes that exposing these individuals to the mechanics of external business funding is crucial for not only their entrepreneurial journey but also in broadening their horizons and steering them onto a path that veers away from recidivism. The program intends to meticulously guide participants through the intricate processes of positioning their budding business models to be palatable for venture capital and angel investment, equipping them with the know-how to adeptly navigate conversational and negotiation arenas with VC firms and angel investors. By immersing them in a curriculum that includes real-world insights into investment strategies, pitch preparation, and understanding investor mindset, "Hustle & Build" aspires to unlock a world where opportunities for financial backing are not just a distant dream but a tangible reality for the emerging businesses of these dedicated individuals. Mumineen CDC upholds that this vital exposure and skill-building in financial navigation is not merely a chapter in entrepreneurial education but a key to unlocking sustained business growth, fostering financial independence, and ultimately, contributing to a reduction in re-engagement with the justice system.

The community and its stakeholders eagerly await the positive ripple effects the "Hustle & Build" program will inevitably create.

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