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Welcome to Mumineen CDC!

"Like liquor stores, there should be a CDC (Community Development Corporation) on every corner" - Indianapolis City Councilman Keith Graves.

On behalf of the founding board of directors of Mumineen CDC, welcome! We are excited to announce the formation of Central Indiana's first Muslim-led, mosque-based community development corporation.


Community development corporations (CDCs) are non-profit organizations that work to revitalize and improve urban communities, often in low-income neighborhoods. CDC's like Mumineen CDC are essential because they can help to address some of the social and economic challenges facing these communities, such as poverty, crime, and lack of access to quality housing, education, and healthcare.

Mumineen CDC will work in a variety of ways to improve the urban Indianapolis community. Our primary programmatic focus will be aligned with the following core initiatives:

  • Reentry services

  • Social services (housing and others)

  • Mental health awareness and referrals

  • Technology skills development for adults and youth

  • Financial literacy for adults and youth

  • Environmental protection awareness

The impact of Mumineen CDC will be significant. As a new and additional force amongst the cadre of CDC's in Indianapolis, our organization will continue to enhance Central Indiana and maintain a faith-centered approach. By improving the quality of housing, social services, workforce skills and creating economic opportunities, Mumineen CDC can help to stabilize Indianapolis neighborhoods and reduce crime. Further, Mumineen CDC can also contribute to the overall economic development of a community by attracting new businesses and investments.

Currently, Mumineen CDC is co-located inside of Masjid Al Mumineen, located at 4088 Millersville Road, Indianapolis, Indiana. Masjid Al Mumineen (The Mosque of the Believers) is Indianapolis' 2nd oldest Islamic house of worship. Mumineen CDC is proud to be Central Indiana's first Muslim-led community development corporation.

In April of this year, we will be hosting our opening ceremony. Please join us!

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